Braised Premium Pork Belly 星洲卤肉

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Braised Pork Belly 星洲卤肉


事不宜迟,快到您临近的Fairprice NTUC或上网Redmart选购尝鲜吧!

LW Roasted Meat is proudly introducing a new ready to eat product: Premium Braised Pork Belly with sauce included. As from today, our products are now available and can be purchased in all major NTUC Fairprice outlets including hyper and Fairprice Finest. For online customers, you may find us at Redmart website ( or visit our company website at (
Our braised pork belly was made using premium pork belly and cooked with tasty sauce with no preservatives added and packed in a retort pouch. We used the retort sterilization, a high-pressure cooking process that sterilizes the content of the pouch, thus there are no preservatives added and safe to consume.
Enjoy the braised pork belly with rice or noodles convenience at home anytime you like!

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